Emergency Response

Digital Profile Security and Logistics responds to oil spills, chemical, biological, radiological releases, and large-scale national emergencies. Digital Profile Security and Logistics also provides additional response assistance when state and local first responder capabilities have been exhausted or when additional support is requested.

Emergencies can create a variety of hazards for workers in the impacted area. Preparing before an emergency incident plays a vital role in ensuring that employers and workers have the necessary equipment, know where to go, and know how to keep themselves safe when an emergency occurs. These Emergency Preparedness and Response pages provide information on how to prepare and train for emergencies and the hazards to be aware of when an emergency occurs. The pages provide information for employers and workers across industries, and for workers who will be responding to the emergency.

For information on how to get started with preparing for an emergency, visit the "Getting Started - General Preparedness and Response" section. This section provides information for general businesses and for workers who will respond to the emergency. The information in this section is designed to apply to a wide variety of emergency preparedness and response incidents. For guidance on a particular type of emergency, visit our Natural Disaster or Specific Hazards Web pages.

Our organization assists thousands of people and our services are exclusive to registered members. For this reason quoting your membership ID number is an essential part of the information required for our assistance. Upon registration and payment, you will receive both of your membership identification number and the dedicated medical assistance hotline numbers.